Tree Warden Scheme

Edinburgh Tree Warden Network is part of a national network of tree wardens.  Founded by The Tree Council, the Tree Warden Network is a group of volunteers appointed or nominated by their local community group, residents association or community council to assist in the gathering of information and to encourage practical projects relating to trees in the community. You can read what some of Edinburgh's Tree Wardens have been doing in our Diary Page.

This website provides a means of contact for:-

  • concerns about damaged or diseased trees (especially if there is a possible risk to public safety)
  • damage being caused to trees
  • ongoing projects concerning Edinburgh trees
  • general questions, comments and suggestions

The City of Edinburgh Council has compiled a list of its ‘Heritage Trees’, trees identified, after lengthy research and public consultation, as notable and exceptional for reasons of great age, size or historical or cultural significance. For a fuller introduction to Edinburgh Heritage Trees, click here 

If you are interested in finding out more about trees and woodlands and the various bodies and organisations who work to manage and preserve our ancient and invaluable heritage, check out our links page.  We have also listed the titles of some good books to help you get to know your trees and to be able to identify them.