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Capitals sign netminder Rudkowsky

posted 27 Aug 2009, 02:52 by myEdinburgh Admin
Edinburgh Capitals have announced Cody Rudkowsky as their number one
netminder for the 09/10 season in the Elite Ice Hockey League.

Cody has a wealth of experience in both the ECHL and AHL and also
played a game for St.Louis Blues in the NHL. In the 98/99 season Cody
was goalie of the year in both the CHL and WHL and also WHL player of
the year. He was an ECHL All-Star is 05-06.

Doug Christiansen, Edinburgh Capitals coach, said, "I know everyone
has been waiting for us to sign a goalie. I hope the addition of Cody
Rudkowsky was worth the wait!

"Signing a player like Cody Rudkowsky does not happen often.
Sometimes opportunity knocks and you have the chance to bring a star
into your team. Cody was the best goalie I played with in the ECHL.
He is a game breaker. He has played in 107 AHL games and 1 NHL game.
He will be our third player who has played in the NHL. I have pursued
him the last three summers and was very patient to get him this year.

"Cody will fit in very nicely to our dressing room. As people know, I
am a firm believer in having great characters in the room. Cody is a
leader. He competes every day. He hates whenever a puck goes in
whether its practice or a game. He will make our shooters better each
day in practice. He will force them to be at their best to beat him.

"Cody missed the 2008-2009 season with a private medical matter. I am
very thorough. I have done my due diligence and I am certain that he
will be 100% this season.

"The addition of Cody is not without a sense of irony. Cody is
married to Shawn Germain's sister, Alicia. Of course, I was extremely
disappointed in Shawn's departure; however, it was his positive
impression of Edinburgh that paved the way for Cody and Ashley to
come to Scotland's capital. Shawn had a great offer in the ECHL and
he thought it was something that he could not pass up. I know the 3
of them have had lengthy conversations about the quality of life in

"I must admit signing Cody is something I did not think would happen.
I am excited for you all to see him in a Capitals uniform."