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Interactive Excitement at the Big Screen this Summer!

posted 21 Jul 2009, 03:58 by myEdinburgh Admin
The Big Screen in Edinburgh's Festival Square is set to cause a sensation this summer when it plays host to two unusual and ground-breaking interactive events.

A partnership between the City of Edinburgh Council, the BBC and London 2012, the big screen is one of an expanding network of 21 such screens erected in UK cities in advance of the London 2012 Olympics and the only one in Scotland currently.

This coming weekend the giant screen will give film fans a multi-sensory treat with a one-off 'scratch'n'sniff' version of Bill Forsyth's classic film Gregory's Girl.

"Architectural foodsmiths" Bompas & Parr will be presenting a one-off screening of the classic Scottish coming of age comedy drama at 5pm on Sunday 26th July.

This screening is part of the London 2012 'open weekend', a three-day festival of events across the UK from 24 to 26 July.

This unique event will be the first outdoor scratch 'n' sniff experience anywhere in the UK. The audience will be presented with special scratch 'n' sniff cards. An enigmatic penguin (familiar to devotees of the film) will appear amongst the crowd holding up a placard instructing the audience to scratch and sniff at the right moment.

Councillor Steve Cardownie, Festivals and Events Champion for the City of Edinburgh, said: "This quirky 'Scratch'n'Sniff' version of Gregory's Girl on the Big Screen will introduce a new generation to Bill Forsyth's films, which are hugely popular the world over. It will certainly be one of the most innovative cultural events of the summer in Edinburgh. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the transformation of Festival Square into an open air cinema with a difference!"

Big Screen manager Bren O'Callaghan said: "This year's Open Weekend theme is 'Open Up!' and this event is one of a selection of benchmark projects intended to set a precedent to show the screen is intended as a creative resource, but most importantly as a means of generating a collective experience in public space."

On 15 August, the Big Screen will score another first when it becomes the first UK big screen to demonstrate new interactive technology in the form of a free game called Hungry Hungry Eat Head, commissioned by the Council.

By relaying a live overhead camera feed of the public space upon the 25-metre square LED monitor, the effect is that of a 'magic mirror' where the viewer's own reflection shifts and changes.

Markers will be printed for distribution free on site during the event. By holding one up to the chest featuring a special printed symbol, players will find their heads replaced by brightly patterned characters that will morph and change. Edible objects will also enter the space, falling from the sky or spat from blooming flowers which by eating will have a knock-on effect on other users.

Scoff a light bulb and electri-fry your friends or chew a thistle to turn the playing arena tartan!

Cllr Cardownie said: "This sounds like a wonderful - if rather surreal - interactive experience. It's fantastic news that Edinburgh's Big Screen is to be the first in the UK to demonstrate this exciting technology, and I'm sure it will create something of a sensation in Festival Square."

Bren O'Callaghan added: "What I really like about this project is that it doesn't require anyone to own an expensive phones or portable technology. It's just an ink shape on paper that we hand out on site. Think Blue Peter for the 21st Century!"

Both of the above events are free. 

Source: The City of Edinburgh Council