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Garden gold for Sheena

posted 21 Aug 2009, 06:10 by myEdinburgh Admin   [ updated 24 Aug 2009, 02:14 ]
Local garden designer, Sheena Seeks, has brought home a gold medal in her first attempt at the prestigious RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.

Sheena's medal, in the category "Visionary Garden", is all the more remarkable as it was achieved without sponsorship.

The garden is designed to be seen from the outside, as a clearing in a forest or a small section of a larger garden.  The feel of the design comes from Japanese gardens where cleared spaces or clearings could be seen as places where the gods can visit earth and where people can meditate.

The visionary gardens ask you to express an idea - Sheena’s was to represent theories of time and the universe as seen by Einstein and Newton, Einsteins view being that time existed at all time and by the dark canes and the dark bank, while Newton (the apple tree) believed that time passes, the past is lost and the future does not yet exist.  The cone (cones or stones represent people or ideas – in this case Einstein) has time pouring out of it and spiralling (clock spring) into a Black hole or black grasses.  The black bamboo poles are the dark matter in the universe as opposed to the living visible matter represented by the bamboos at the other side.  The garden is also a Sculpture in it’s own right contrasting the rigid dead poles and the stiff blue grasses with the waving golden bamboos and the “frothy” heads of the Stipa grasses.  The whole is framed by black boards – to make a picture of it all.  

The perfection of the execution of the garden was demonstrated by the agreement that with two hours to go there was nothing more that could be done, while the previous hour had been spent turning over individual stones in the gravel to see which was the best side.

More about the garden here.