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Eco-minded City Groups Urged to Apply for Waste Action Grants

posted 4 Dec 2008, 12:07 by myEdinburgh Admin   [ updated 4 Dec 2008, 12:08 ]
The City of Edinburgh Council is offering a range of grants to community groups and residents across the city for projects that will encourage local residents to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle their waste.

Groups and individuals with innovative waste project ideas are now being invited to apply to the Council for a Waste Action Grant.

Ranging from £50 to £2,500, these grants have previously been received by a variety of projects, such as bag-for-life, community compost and scrap art schemes.

Real nappy schemes, swap shops and garden tool reuse projects have also been helped thanks to the Waste Action Grant Programme.

Councillor Robert Aldridge, Environment Leader, said: "Any group with an innovative idea for a project which will help our communities to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is urged to apply for a Waste Action Grant. These grants have already helped fund some truly inspiring schemes so I look forward to seeing what exciting new projects might be in the offing."

The Marchmont & Sciennes Business Association received a Waste Action Grant of £2,500 earlier this year, which they put to a range of excellent uses including eye-catching cotton shopping bags to cut down on plastic bag use in their area.

Monica Higgins, owner of Flowers by Monica Higgins and Chairperson of the Business Association, said: "The [Waste Action] grant was immensely helpful. It enabled us to produce a community shopping bag that we would probably never have got off the ground otherwise. Local traders are already reaping the financial benefits as they're making savings by not having to supply plastic bags to shoppers."

Grant applications should be submitted to the Council's Waste Education Officer at

There will be a rolling programme of deadlines for smaller grant applications (£50 to £200) and quarterly deadlines for the larger grant applications (£500 to £2,500).

The upcoming deadlines for larger grant applications are:

- 16 February 2009 at 12 noon

- 15 June 2009 at 12 noon

- 12 October 2009 at 12 noon

Notes to Editors

1. Waste Action Grants of £50 to £200 and £500 to £2,500 are available to community and residents' groups for local action on waste projects.

You can apply for a grant if you are part of a:

- Constituted community group

- Group of interested residents (to form a constituted Waste Action Group)

- Not-for-profit community sector organisation (for joint applications with community residents or groups)

- Youth group (supervised by an affiliated group, organisation or school)

- School, Eco-committee, Parent and Teacher Association

- Church

2. Help and support are on hand from the Council's Waste Education Officer, who can assist with preparing applications and offer further advice and guidance once an application has been successful.

3. For an application form and more information, please contact the Waste Education Officer on 0131 469 5070 or You can also download further information at:

4. Edinburgh currently produces the least waste per household in Scotland, showing that efforts to cut down on the amount of waste we produce are working! Current figures (2006/07) show that Edinburgh generated 1.165 tonnes per household, comparing very favourably with the Scottish national average of 1.419 tonnes.

Source: The City of Edinburgh Council