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City set to put on Good Show for Festivals

posted 3 Aug 2009, 12:40 by myEdinburgh Admin
The City of Edinburgh Council has put a range of contingency plans in place to make sure the city is clean, safe and looking good for the festival season 2009.

Contingency plans have been put in place for refuse collection, street cleaning and litter picking. As further resources are being rolled out the city is returning to its best just in time for the festival season to kick off.

Council Leader Jenny Dawe said; "It is of the utmost importance that the city is as safe and clean as possible, and well prepared for festival season. Through the range of measures we have put in place a visible difference in the cleanliness of the city wil be obvious almost immediately.

"Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidences involving bins being vandalised and council property damaged. I would ask everyone to retain a calm head until a resolution to the dispute is achieved."

The measures that have been put in place have been supported by local businesses and groups including Festivals Edinburgh. Director Faith Liddell said; "We are in regular contact with the Council and are appreciative of the contingency measures that have started to be put in place to clean the City Centre.

"With Council employees working normal daytime shifts, and a private contractor in place through the night, the Council is now providing a 24/7 operation throughout the Festival period for street cleaning and litter bin emptying. Effectively, a larger cleaning programme than ever before is now in place for the Festivals.

"With these measures in place, and healthy advance sales across all of the Summer Festivals, we are confident that everyone will have the enjoyable experience that only Edinburgh and its Festivals can deliver, year after year."

If you witness an incidence of vandalism to refuse containers or Council property please call 0131 5293030 to report this.

Source: The City of Edinburgh Council