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City carers get cash injection

posted 9 Feb 2009, 05:26 by myEdinburgh Admin   [ updated 9 Feb 2009, 05:29 ]
Half a million pounds is to be pumped into respite to ease the burden placed on on the Capital's carers.

The council is set to reveal the cash injection as part of next week's budget and the money will lead to an extra 173,000 hours of respite being created.

How the cash is to be distributed is still to be worked out exactly.

However, it is believed some cash will come in the form of direct payments, which will allow carers to select their own respite, and the rest will see the council puchase space from voluntary organisations.

Carers – who are often spouses, siblings, parents and children – will also be able to choose between residential respite – perhaps over a weekend – or just day-long relief.

Health and social care leader Councillor Paul Edie said: "For years we have been struggling on this and in some scores were rated 32nd out of 32 (local authorities in Scotland].

"From speaking to carers, this is the thing they want to change, and this cash, from being efficient without causing harm in other areas, is very welcome.

"It gives carers a rest to do things they either want to do or have to do, and improves their quality of life."

Source: Edinburgh Evening News